Calling All Star Wars Jedi

The Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest movie franchise in the United States. It may even be one of the biggest worldwide. It depicts the adventurous story about the history of an empire located in a galaxy far far away. The series was created by George Lucas with the first release in nineteen seventy-seven and has managed to stay current over the years. The success of this franchise is thanks to the exciting storyline and well-designed creatures and sets. This is a six film franchise with all the films being nominated and or winning Academy Awards.

Star Wars Jedi

The nineteen nineties trilogy was and is still the best of all the franchise movies. Although it was very successful, the twenty first century version did not do as well as the previous version. There were still some very memorable and outstanding characters and creatures. This trilogy also won awards similar to those won by the previous trilogy. The most memorable win is the Academy award that the franchise won for best movie of the year. 

It is without a doubt and to no surprise that the characters of the Star Wars franchise has been made into Funko pop figures. This line includes the major characters of all six films, the most memorable creatures of the films and the best of the film franchise’s cameos. The figures are numbered and as usual the most valuable ones are the exclusive ones. These are the most valued by collectors. Some of the characters that can be found include the Star Wars Jedi Luke Skywalker, the Star Wars Princess Leia, The Star Wars smelly guy Chewbacca and many others. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise that has a love for Funko Pop figures, you are sure to find your favorite characters.

jedi star wars collection

The Funko pop Star Wars figures are some of the most popular. They are in every corner of the pop culture. The Star Wars franchise is a vast pool for Funko pop to draw from and has the potential to produce figures for a long time to come. These figures are easily accessible but there are some limited time editions and exclusives that keep the spirit of competition between collectors alive and prosperous. This is good for the trend as the race to collect all the figures keep the anticipation of the figures high and keep the franchise current. The demand of the product keeps the product and franchise alive and it also regulates the price tags of most of these figures.

These figures are readily available and this includes the exclusive models. There are many fans of the Star Wars franchise all over the world and many of them are collectors. With so many people collecting these figures the competition to get a specific one may be a stiff one. This competition directly affects the price these figures are priced at and the amount of these figures that are produced. All in all these figures are worth collecting even if you’re not a huge Funko Pop fan. Some of them may not be as easy to get but that’s the fun of collecting. The value of these figures is only going one direction, and that is up my friend.

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