3 Best Hotels For San Diego Comic Con 2016

If you’re planning a trip to the San Diego Comic Con, then you’re probably planning your accommodations. While there are a huge range of options available, what are your best choices? These top three Comic Con hotels offer you everything you could want in your Comic Con experience. Whether you’re looking for high end lodging or trying to make the trip on a budget, we have your best options for the trip.

Luxury Choice: The Hilton Bayfront

San Diego Comic Con hotelsThe Hilton Bayfront certainly knows how to pamper their visitors. However, what really makes this a great choice is its location. Only one block away from Comic Con, you’ll pay top dollar to stay here. This is probably your best choice for convenience no matter what you want to experience at the convention. However, this hotel is especially popular for anyone who goes here to see the movies. As anyone familiar with the convention knows, Hall H is where all of the big name movies are presented. It’s a long wait to get into this hall. Because of this, the lines form fast and early.

If you book this hotel early, then you’ll be able to request the convention center side. This side of the hotel gives you a great view of Hall H. Not only will you be able to keep track of the lines, you’ll also have one of the quickest routes to the center. Even choosing a close hotel like the Marriott means that you’ll still be thousands of people behind from where you’d like to be.

Another benefit to this hotel is that this option will provide a great overall experience. Enjoy free wifi and an excellent breakfast when you choose to add this package to your stay. Each room is decorated in a a nautical theme and you can choose two queen beds or spread out with a deluxe king. Rooms also come with a business desk and a round table so you can invite friends over throughout your stay. The hotel also has great room service, several lounges and their own bar so you can enjoy a great nightlife without having to leave the hotel.

Mid-Price Range: San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina

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This hotel is a favorite for fans of the convention. Any list of San Diego Comic Con hotels wouldn’t be complete without this top rated option. For regular attendees, this hotel is also at a convenient location, even though it’s a slightly father walk to some of the events. You can leave from either the front or back of the hotel to get to any nearby events.

One of the reasons why people choose the Marriott is that they like the well-rounded experience that they can enjoy. Unlike some hotels which don’t seem to prepare well for the crowds coming for the convention, the Marriott makes sure to have extra staff on hand. They also are familiar with the main events happening so you’ll have a better chance of finding your bearings if you’re not sure where to go. The management trains the staff so they’re a great resource throughout your stay and can offer their personal opinion on the best events to attend as well.

You’ll also get to enjoy the great location and views. If you choose an upper floor, you’ll get to enjoy partial views of both the city and the ocean from your balcony. The views are great at both the day and nighttime. Rooms are clean and spacious with a separate sitting area and desk are. You’ll find both wired and wireless internet to keep your inner nerd happy. There are also good dining options within the property as well as a fairly good, but expensive, room service option. If you want to explore the San Diego area, then the Marriott is going to be a good choice. It’s close to the marina and there are many attractions you can walk to as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

Budget Option: The Hercor Hotel

San Diego Comic Con 2016 hotels

If you need to save some money, you’ll be best off by choosing to stay a little off the beaten path. While you’ll sacrifice convenience, that’s really the only downside to this option. Keep in mind that while the shuttle service is available, you shouldn’t depend on this transportation option. Because of the high Comic Con demand and the bad traffic in the morning, we recommend choosing the trolley option. Find a hotel close to the trolley. This option is easy and it runs right in front of the San Diego convention center. By choosing the trolley, you’ll probably only be about 15-20 minutes away. You can choose to look at the trolley route, but we’ve found that a great option is the Hercor Hotel right off the Bayfront stop in National City.

This hip hotel is actually fairly small and has only 42 guestrooms so you’ll have to book early. However, if you’re a fan of minimalist design, you’ll love this unique location. The modern furniture and edgy vibe make this a great place to spend a night in while you’re visiting. If you happen to be driving to the area, you can enjoy free parking for your car.

You don’t have to worry about additional fees either. The hotel offers free wifi and a free buffet breakfast that’s very nice and satisfying. All rooms are smoke free and you can take advantage of the in-house restaurant if you’d like. This hotel definitely offers the best value for your money and has great service as well. Just be sure to book early! Rooms can fill up quickly and you’ll get a better rate by booking in advance as well. The staff is friendly and can help you navigate the trolley system if you’re not familiar.

These are the best hotels for the San Diego Comic Con and offer you a range of options from high-class to budget. Keep in mind that you should consider price, convenience, and features when planning your trip. Use this list as a guide to find out which location is going to be the best choice for you. This is the travel company I used last year and everything went smoothly. cheapest plane tickets to san diego comic con

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