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 Anime Mystery Minis Are Coming Soon

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Funko has always come up with some great Mystery Minis. If you are interested in these anime minis for your kids or want to gift someone, then there is a good news for you. Funko is soon going to launch a new series of such minis. It has already manufactured many different types of mini figures that are available in the market. It is one of the well known and reputed companies that is renowned for its great collections of anime figures. So, many people are quite excited about their new launch which is coming up soon. You will get all the information, just read on.

The great news is that Funko is about to launch its new collection of Mystery Minis in April. This time it will feature classic anime figures from the 90s. Some of the best anime series were released at that time and now Funko has decided to celebrate the classic collection. Some of the characters that you will get are from Dragonball Z, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. So, whom do you want to get for yourself? It’s a great time to increase your collection. Besides this, there are many other awesome sets that you can buy.

Different Types Of Mystery Minis

– Blizzard Entertainment: This is one of the most popular collections, It is based on all the popular and favorite characters from Blizzard Entertainment. The games are mainly Starcraft, Diablo and WOW. Make sure you get your hands on these Mystery Minis and put them in your collection as soon as possible.

Disney Heroes and villains: Who doesn’t like Disney characters? Everyone loves them and likes to play with them. Funko came with a great combination of all the popular heroes and villains from Disney. You can get Elsa Anna, Alibaba etc and many more other popular characters from this collection. So, if you are interesting in these Mystery Minis and want to grow your collection, then Disney is a good start.

Game of Thrones Series 3: Are you a huge fan of Game of Thrones? Then here is a collection for you with all your favorite characters. You can have a great time with these playing and recreating scenes. You can also increase your collection with the help these great mini figures.

Sci-Fi Series 2: Are you in love with Science Fiction characters? Then here are some Mystery Minis based on the theme of Sci-Fi. You will be getting a lot of great figures in this. These are The Iron Giant, Futurama, The Fifth Element, The Matrix, Voltron, Star Trek, ALIENS, etc.

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