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Hello, and welcome to Pop Vinyl List, the ideal community forum for Funko Pop fans. We are a brand new website created to offer a space where fans can share their love for Funko Pop toy series, buy and sell Pops, read the latest news and updates, or just share opinions and experiences with other fans. Whether you are a seasoned collector who has been around Pops for years, or a beginner looking for a specific vinyl toy of his favorite movie character, this is the place where you can find that rare Pop you’ve been looking for months or just enjoy a friendly conversation with other fans in our forum.

We want to be the ideal community for Funko Pop fanatics, and we mean it. We are not just another forum where people just limit themselves to buy and sell Pops. Our purpose is to create a thriving community where fans can buy and sell their favorite Pop toys, but also to collaborate with each other, with a communal spirit and a shared love for this beautiful type of art. We want to create a home for fans where we can help each other to pursue our shared passion for collecting Pops. With your help, we can make Pop Vinyl List the best website for Pop fans.

We are fans of Pop Vinyl toys just as much as you are, and we want to have a forum where we can chat with friends about upcoming releases, news, events, and everything that is related to Funko Pop toys. That is why we are asking for your help to build this beautiful project. Let’s create a forum where people from all over the world can exchange opinions and help each other in their shared passion for collecting Pop Vinyl toys. Let’s have a place that is made for fans, by fans. Join in, participate, and help us create the best online community for Funko Pop lovers.

We want to create a Funko Pop price guide to help collectors have a full list of every Pop toy ever made which includes its pricing, date of release, and series to which it belongs. With over 1000 Vinyl toys, Action Figures, and Bobblehead toys produced since 1998, this project is a tough challenge, but with the help and collaboration of our community we can make a Funko forum that will benefit every Funko Pop collector, by giving them an invaluable tool to use in their quest to collect Pop toys.

We want Pop Vinyl List to be a great market for collectors where fans from all over the world can get together to trade, buy, and sell pops in a safe and controlled environment, without scammers and managed by a community of fans that protect each other. A place where everyone who sells and buys toys is reviewed by the community, and where the fans themselves can fix their prices, bargain, trade one toy for other, and buy any Funko Pop toy that he/she wants to add to his/her  collection without experiencing any unpleasant surprises.

We want our website and our Funko forum to be the best source of news for the entire community of Funko Pop fans. Whether it is official news from Funko (including the latest releases and coming updates), special events held by fans, or bargains that you can’t miss, we will keep you informed with the latest news about Funko toys. We also want to stay in touch with our members, and that is we encourage them to sign up for our newsletter and use our social media accounts to share their opinions with us and get the latest articles.

Pop Vinyl List is barely starting and we want you to tell us your ideas to turn our community into the best site for Funko Pop collectors. We are open to any suggestions and advice that you may have. What are the things that you always wanted a Funko Pop community to have? We want you to consider Pop Vinyl List like your second home, and a place where you can share your interest about Funko Pop toys with users from all over the world. Gives us any suggestion or comment that you may have, and help us build the amazing community that you always dreamed off. Lets get this Funko Forum rolling!

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