Four new Fallout 4 Funko Pop! Vinyl Collectibles coming soon

Can’t get enough Fallout 4? Pre-order collectible Funko Pop! Vinyl figures of the Vault Dweller, Dogmeat, and more!

Riding the wave of Fallout 4‘s success, collectible bobble-head/stylized mini-figure manufacturer Funko is releasing a new set of figurines to their Pop! Vinyl Games series. Piling on to the existing Fallout Pop! Vinyl collectibles, the Fallout 4 series will be kicking off with four new characters; Vault Dweller, Dogmeat, T-60 Power Armor, and John Hancock.


The four new Funkos are currently available for pre-order exclusively through Entertainment Earth. It is unclear if the figurines will be available at other stores/websites after their release, but based on Funko’s track record we can assume they will be.

The Fallout 4 Funko Pop! Vinyl collectibles are expected to debut sometime in March 2016.

The four new figurines can be viewed in detail below.

Fallout 4 Series

Vault Dweller

“The first figure shows this Vault Dweller in his blue and yellow uniform carrying a rifle. There’s a lot of danger and unknown after a nuclear apocalypse.” – Entertainment Earth

Fairly unassuming, the Vault Dweller is a plain looking fellow, though his hunting rifle and Vault 111 jumper look like they are ripped straight from the game.


“The ever popular Dogmeat, loyal canine companion to the Sole Survivor. A German Shepherd with an adorable appearance, this figure shows him with goggles on his head and a red bandanna around his neck.” – Entertainment Earth

This Dogmeat Pop! has already ventured out and seen some action. Wearing “armor” that he must have scavenged in the Commonwealth, this adorable fellow makes the perfect companion piece to the Vault Dweller above.

T-60 Power Armor

“One must-have if you’re going to brave the Wasteland is the T-60 Power Armor. This all-black vinyl figure is fully equipped with a helmet, extensive armor, and a firearm. Definitely an aid during these bleak times.” – Entertainment Earth

No set of Fallout collectibles would be complete without some sort of Power Armor showing up! The combination of all-black T-60 and a powerful-looking, very large firearm would have the Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor Pop!, from the original Fallout vinyl series, shaking in his boots.

John Hancock

“The last figure will be a companion…; but only if you treat him with respect. John Hancock, a Patriot of the American Revolution, is now a ghoul, as seen by his menacing appearance. He wears a colonial outfit, complete with a tricorne hat and pistol.” –Entertainment Earth

John Hancock is the unofficial mayor of in-game town Goodneighbor and can become a companion to the Vault Dweller in Fallout 4. If the detail of this ghoulish figure follows that of the Feral Ghoul or the Glowing One Pop!s from the original Fallout series, it will look great.